Seven years ago I moved to live with my Palestinian husband  in Palestine. We have two children, Louisa and Hadi, we live in Beit Safafa, a town between Jerusalem and Bethlehem and we run Singer Cafe and Al Jisser bar in Beit Sahour.

I am studying the tour guide program at the Bethlehem Bible College and I am hoping to become a licensed local tour guide.

During the episodes of the podcast I will share with you history, cultural heritage and personal experiences. Sometimes it is just me talking and sometimes I have a Palestinian guest.

Enjoy a new story every week.


You can contact me by email on kristel@storiesfrompalestine.info

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Podcast reviews

" I listened to the first podcast on the drive to work this morning. It's glorious. A warm conversation between wonderful people - on Palestine, the magic of seeds, flirtations with heirloom wheat, identity, legacy, occupation, sumud and resistance."

- Grace Mairead Walsh
"Listening to the podcasts and Kris and she explores the stories of Palestine with her guests I was transported back and discovering so much more I didn’t know. It’s completely fascinating. Ziad’s music was a joy. Do tune in, it’s the next best thing to actually being there."

— Mez Herrington
"I LOVE your podcast!!! I Hope the response you are getting is positive because it’s magic, I listen while getting ready for work and you transport me. Someday I will get to visit you but in the mean time I get to learn, travel, adventure virtually with you." .”

— Samia van Hattum


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